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Big Major Spot Swimming Pigs


You have heard the saying "when pigs fly", but have you ever heard someone say 'happy as a swimming pig"? So you don't think pigs swim? Guess again! Yes pigs really do swim, at least those that live on the island of Big Majors in the Exuma Cays do. The island of Big Major Spot lies just north of Staniel Cay, and slightly south of Fowl Cay, in the Exuma Cays. The pig beach is nestled in a protected anchorage facing Fowl Cay.
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Many years ago, the pigs were put on the uninhabited island by one of the locals. Over the years, visiting yachts and tourists motor up to 'Pig Beach' to feed the pigs leftovers from their meals. It is an incredible site to see. The pigs are automatically trained to come out of the brush whenever they hear the sound of a motor. As you pull up to the shallows, look carefully in the dense brush. You will begin to see shapes emerge, and then see the pigs meander down the beach and into the water. They will actually swim out to your dingy in hopes of some scraps of food. If you time it right, you may be able to see little piglets following mom down to the water to get a full belly. The pigs can become somewhat aggressive when piglets are around, so take care. Remember, there are no hospitals or medical facilities readily accessible if you get bitten. Otherwise, just enjoy this incredible attraction and respect the wildlife on the island. Bring a camera and take videos!
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